Bellie Fit Basics: The Ultimate Guide For A Fit Pregnancy And Fabulous Recovery

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by: Monique Hollowell BS

This book is a must have for all stages of your pregnancy. Thanks to Bellie Fit Basics, I had a great pregnancy and 4 hour delivery. I will not have another child with out it!?-Aretha Hill, Three time Olympian?I can?t say enough about what this information did for me during my pregnancies. Bellie Fit Basics provided a wealth of knowledge for me and my patients.?-Nolana Newton, Doctor of Physical TherapyBellie Fit Basics offers tips on weight management, fitness, and exercise for women who want to improve their pregnancy and post-baby recovery.Monique Hollowell, a former intercollegiate athlete with expertise in fitness programming, combines both her professional life and personal pregnancy experiences in order to share the details of the specialized fitness and nutrition program she created to promote the kind of lifestyle that allows pregnant women to achieve healthy weight gain, reduced complications, and ease of vaginal delivery with minimal medication. Hollowell provides insight into the issues that pregnant women face as well as simple and realistic solutions that will guide women through prenatal and postnatal care. She helps women understand the benefits of exercise and mindful eating by providing valuable information on:Preparing for changes to the body during pregnancyPlanning and creating nutritious mealsStructuring cardio, flexibility, and resistance training programsLosing baby weight quickly and effectivelyBellie Fit Basics provides the practical advice that will help women not only enjoy pregnancy, but also achieve a fit lifestyle and body after the baby is born!.