In Search of Morality: How You Can Live a Fulfilling Life from the inside out

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How has America gone so far astray, and how can we get back on track?Robert A. Schuller calls readers to their own moral revolution, a revolution that will ultimately improve the moral fabric of society as it changes each person from the inside out. In this thought-provoking, powerful book, Schuller clarifies ideas about right and wrong and concludes that true morality looks only at self and does not look at everyone else .Schuller's search for the meaning of morality led him to two conclusions: first, that judgmentalism and attempts to legislate morality only alienate people; second, that the Bible gives us the ultimate pattern for the moral life in the fruits of the Spirit.As he outlines nine steps toward a fulfilling life based on the fruits of the Spirit found in Galatians 3, Schuller shows families and churches what Spirit-changed people can do to build a moral society. If this book is successful, you will leave these pages with love at the center of your heart , he writes. You will trade the chains of the law for the bounty of the fruit of the Spirit .

by : Robert A. Schuller