The Way We'll Be: The Zogby Report on the Transformation of the American Dream

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According to super pollster John Zogby, whom the Washington Post calls "the maverick predictor," the conventional wisdom about the United States— that we're isolated from the world, politically fragmented, and inclined toward material pleasure—isn't just flawed; it may be 180 degrees from the truth. In this far-reaching and illuminating look at contemporary American life, Zogby reveals nothing less than The Way We'll Be. Drawing on thousands of in-depth surveys conducted especially for the book, Zogby points out where we're headed—politically, culturally, and spiritually.
The American dream is in transition; it is rapidly being redefined by four meta-movements: Living with limits as consumers and citizens; Embracing diversity of views and ways of life; Looking inward to find spiritual comfort; and demanding authenticity from the media, our leaders, and leading institutions. Spearheaded by today's eighteen-to-twenty-nine-year-olds—the "First Global" generation— Americans are becoming more internationalist, consensus-oriented, and environmentally conscious and less willing to identify themselves by the things they do to earn or spend their money. But this is more than an youth tide. Americans of all ages are moving beyond old divides—red state/blue state, pro-life/pro-choice, beer drinker/wine connoisseur— to form a new national mindset that will shape the nation for decades to come.
Zogby's cogent analysis of the data yields an astonishing perspective on Americans' thoughts, feelings, and beliefs, now and in coming years. Understanding this emerging reality will be key for

  • Leaders in all fields who want to reach audiences that are more media-savvy, better informed, and more technologically enabled than ever before
  • individuals in search of rewarding and fulfilling careers in tomorrow's growth fields
  • Politicians and CEOs looking to marry policies and practices to the rising demand for social responsibility
  • anyone who wants to market to the emerging new American consensus
  • by : John Zogby