Hilary Duff: All Access

$14.10 USD

Fans can finally have the most thorough book on everything Hilary. This scrapbook of her path to stardom and her current musical and on-screen successes is a teen and "tween" must-have, loaded with new candid, concert, and studio photos. This exclusive and long-awaited book includes:

- An extensive biography of Hilary's climb to success including her family, her move to Los Angeles and her earliest acting auditions
- Insider tips on how to get Hilary's look with advice on fashion, hair, and make-up
- Revealing interviews with Hilary
- Sidebars dishing the scoop on her co-stars
- Fun, interactive quizzes
- Horoscopes predicting what Hilary will have in store for the future
- Information on Hilary's favorite charity, Kids With a Cause
- A-to-Z Hilary, a database of terms, quotes and faves that are so Duff

by: Matthew Rettenmund