101 Ways to Recession-Proof Your Career

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One of the country's leading career counselors tells readers how to protect, manage, and advance their careers in any environment

Even in a recession, thousands of opportunities still exist for the prepared, success-oriented employee, not merely for employment, but for career advancement, higher pay, and heightened job satisfaction. In 101 Ways to Recession-Proof Your Career, Wendy S. Enelow empowers readers with the knowledge and skills they need to successfully plan, manage, and control their careers. Throughout, she shares her own experiences and the experiences of dozens of other top career counselors.

From making oneself indispensable to a current employer, to parlaying skills and experience acquired in one sector into another, this motivational, reassuring guide arms readers with proven strategies for guaranteeing that they have the satisfying, well-paying careers they want and deserve, in every economic climate.

by: Wendy Enelow