Women of Valor: Stories of Great Jewish Women Who Helped Shape the Twentieth Century

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By: Segal, Sheila

Eight twentieth-century women, exemplifying the best in Jewish leadership, are profiled here. Some are well-known; others are less familiar. All of them, however, have made unique and meaningful contributions to Jewish life. Contents Rose Schneiderman--union organizer and advocate for women's rights Ida Kaminska--leading actress in the Yiddish theater Zivia Lubetkin--driving spirit of the Warsaw Ghetto uprising Ida Nudel--Soviet refusenik Shoshana Cardin--spokesperson for American Jewry Henrietta Szold--founder of Hadassah Yael Arad--Israel's first Olympic medalist Nehama Leibowitz--teacher of a nation Students will be inspired by these stories of courage, conviction, and accomplishment. And they will discover important highlights of Jewish history, culture, and achievements, including the trade union movement, the birth of Israel, and the Yiddish theater. Illustrated with over 20 photographs, students will see for themselves that these women of valor are real people who can serve as role models for us all.