Feminine Force: Release the Power Within You to Create the Life You Deserve

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by : Georgette Mosbacher

Feminine Force is the ultimate self-help book for women, written by a woman whose own life and career literally defined the term self-made. A fatherless working-class girl form the Indiana steel belt, survivor of an emotionally and physically abusive marriage, Georgette has reached the height of glamour as the nationally known and respected CEO of her own cosmetics company. Feminine Force offers women of the '90s a new, exciting role model. This invaluable blueprint for success and personal growth shows you how to avoid the anger and victim trap and how to discover and harness your personal power. Utilizing Georgette's 72 principles of Feminine Force women will discover: How to meet and marry the right man. How to succeed in the business world without sacrificing femininity. How to achieve the financial independence that enables women to nurture themselves without worry or limitation. How to reinvent yourself so that you can look and feel like the person you were meant to be. As Georgette herself writes, You can bet to lose or you can bet to win... It's you choice. You have your own Feminine Force within you. Release your power and create the life you deserve.