Cupid, Couples & Contracts

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by : Lester Wallman

Entertaining and consumer-orienting, Cupid, Couples & Contracts provides a comprehensive overview of family law, including prenuptial agreements, alimony, and fathers' rights. Attorney and author Lester Wall man, who was named one of the best lawyers in the United States by Town and Country, guides readers to a better understanding of legal issues by drawing on real-life cases such as:

* The prenuptial agreement requiring a doctor to give up gold - and spend four nights a week with his wife, who received a $25,000 annual spending allowance.
* The prenuptial agreement that limited one couple's sex and specifically prohibited infidelity.

Filled with countless examples and samples of actual legal documents, Cupid, Couples & Contracts is a resource that anyone just beginning a relationship - or about to bring one to a close - won't to be without.