The Free-Spirited Garden: Gorgeous Gardens That Flourish Naturally

$14.10 USD

A free-spirited garden is the ultimate low-maintenance choice for people who delight in spontaneity and abundance. Garden writer Susan McClure is just such a person, and here ?she brings a delightful sense of abandon to her easy-to-follow instructions for creating lush gardens with a life of their own. Lavishly photographed, The Free-Spirited Garden offers practical advice on gardening with self-sowing annuals, biennials, and perennials for a variety of climates and landscapes. Turn a high-maintenance lawn into a meadow blanketed with bright perennials; create a shaded woodland retreat; install a tiny headstrong herb garden-The Free-Spirited Garden leads the way to a delightful array of quick and easy backyard transformations, whatever the space available. Now any outdoor area can blossom into a burgeoning, resplendent garden full of wonderful surprises.?

By: Susan McClure