Candles: Fast and Fabulous Projects

$11.28 USD


There's nothing like the warmth and glow of a candle. Romantic and soothing, it can instantly change the mood of any space and soften the edges of a hectic day. In Instant Gratification: Candles, the inexperienced crafter will find simple and enchanting projects to create and decorate candles for every room and occasion. Learn how simple it is to add decorative accents such as painting or glazing to candles to achieve truly elegant results. Or learn how to dip and pour your own candles, experimenting with technique and colour. Previous crafting experience is not necessary, nor is spending a great deal of money. The clear and thorough step-by-step instructions make all the projects a snap to make. Each of the 40 elegant crafts is illustrated with a full-colour photograph of the finished project.

by : Carol Endler Sterbenz