A Walk Through Time

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by : Gary H. Fowler

Sit back, relax, and lose yourself in the fascinating life adventures of a real human being, a person like you and me. As you do, you’ll embark on a familiar, satisfying, and often exhilarating journey of love, joy, sorrow, achievement and self-discovery.

Gary H. Fowler is a Vietnam veteran. He has worked on most of the United States Navy’s aircraft carriers, and for years he worked in direct service to several Presidents of the United States. At the time of this publication he works as a scientific photographer. He is a loved and dedicated father, son, brother, and friend, and perhaps most importantly, he is a dedicated Born Again Christian.

Gary’s beloved mother asked him to write a book detailing his life experiences. This is such a book. He writes not only about the above mentioned events, but many others as well. In all cases he tells the truth of his life as he remembers it, even when some of it involves “the good, the bad, and the ugly” that may be more than his mother cared to know.

A Walk Through Time is a book of life stories dating back to 18 August 1942 when he was born, written in sixty-five memoirs, at the request of a mother who loves her son and wants the world to know him better. It is a gift to Gary’s mother and a gift to you as well. It will make you laugh and cry, and you will recognize yourself in its pages. It is proof that there are no “ordinary” people and that we each have unique and important stories to tell.