Running Wrecked

$7.05 USD

by : Mark Combes

It's not the spectacular diving that brings Phil Riley to Isla Tortuga. This sleepy corner of the Caribbean is the perfect refuge for ex-patriots who need a fresh start. With good friends, an ample supply of beer, and a dive shop to run, there's plenty to distract Riley from his troubled past . . . until he discovers the Miss Princess–a beautiful sailboat, mysteriously left adrift off the coast of his new island home.

What compels Riley to investigate the Miss Princess? The bewildering lack of concern shown by the police? The disappearance of his friend? or maybe Riley hopes to ease the haunting memories of a terrible accident that drove him to this island hideaway.

Fueled by sheer will and unreliable instincts, Riley's clumsy attempt at playing detective could possibly foil a kidnapping scheme and save a family–or cost him his life.