Lost: The Ultimate Unofficial Guide to ABC's Hit Series Lost News,

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BY : Rebecca O’Conner; Jim Stewart

It's clear that ABC's LOST has captivated the minds of TV viewers all around the world. What isn't clear is what it actually means. This guide answers all of the questions you've been asking about ABC's series: LOST. From a complete analysis of the plot and its symbolism to hidden clues and Easter Eggs within the show, this book provides inside analysis and news that can't be found anywhere else. The book includes a complete summary, interpretation, and analysis for Season One and unauthorized news for later episodes. This is quite simply the Ultimate Unofficial Guide to ABC's Hit Series LOST. THIS BOOK INCLUDES: -Plot Summary, Analysis and Interpretation -Predictions, Hidden Messages -Easter Eggs, Signs & Symbols, and Sawyerisms -Unauthorized Series News DISCLAIMER: This book is unofficial and unauthorized. It is not authorized, approved, licensed, or endorsed by ABC, Lost, it's producers, writers, distributors, publishers, or licensors. Any use of the trademarks and character names is strictly for the purpose of analysis and news reporting. All material related to the analysis is (c) ABC (c) JJ Abrams and (c) Damon Lindelof (c) LOST