Launched The Freewheelers

$7.05 USD

by : J. A. Mawter

A new Freewheeler, a stolen bike and mysterious messages from the pastBryce, Mio, Tong and twins Clem and Darcy are the freewheelers and they live to ride. When they decide to enter a bike trials competition, they set up a training camp only to discover they've got some unwelcome intruders.Tong's bike is stolen, and graffiti appears around the neighbourhood, including Bryce's tag from his days living on the street.Has he gone back to his old ways?To clear his name Bryce must find Tong's bike and the unknown graffitists, but the only way is to get help from the streetkids he used to know. Then Bryce is caught red-handed with a spray paint can and grounded just before the trials.The Freewheelers or the streetkids? Who will Bryce choose?