Painting Kitchens: How to Select and Apply the Right Paint for Your Kitchen

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Paint is one of the most dramatic and inexpensive ways to revitalize a room, so it is no surprise that we're always seeking new colour ideas and tips to make the job run smoothly and yield eye-catching results. Different rooms pose different challenges and requirements and kitchens are no exception. For example, walls can be spattered with grease or oil, requiring a washable, durable paint. You may want to choose colours that work with your built-ins or you may want to repaint your cabinets. Painting Kitchens addresses these concerns and many others related to kitchens, pantries and eating areas. Beautiful decors are shown, complete with swatch samples, accent and trim colours, including every possible colour combination imaginable. This book allows the reader to create a dream kitchen where ideas know no boundaries.

by : Steve Jordan (Author)