His Song: The Musical Journey of Elton John

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This book has become a critical volume in serious appraisals of this remarkable artist's career. More comprehensive than previous biographies, His Song provides the full story behind all of Elton John's recordings, including: lyrical and musical analyses · a complete chronicle of all the artist's concert tours · an authoritative view of how Elton John grew from a meek, unassuming man into a personality powerhouse and a major superstar · and the true story behind John's flamboyant costumes and why he wore them. This revealing biography also examines the ebb and flow of Elton John's career, including: the real reason for his commercial downturn post-1976 and his difficult business relationship with David Geffen · his coming out as a bisexual man and, finally, as a gay man · his rocky relationship with both the music and mainstream press regarding his sexuality · his problems with drugs, alcohol, bulimia, and sexual addictions · his relationship with AIDS sufferer Ryan White and his family · and the complete story of Elton John's performance at Princess Diana's funeral and his rewriting of his song Candle in the Wind. Also covered are concerts of special note, including his 1979 tour of the former Soviet Union, his 1986 tour of Australia with the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra, and his 1994-1995 joint tour of North America with fellow piano superstar Billy Joel. Includes 40 black-and-white photos and a discography.

by: Elizabeth Rosenthal