Gathering: Using Simple Materials Gleaned from the Garden & Nature

$9.87 USD

Join in the Gathering by artist Linda Fry Kenzle. Smell the delicious aromas from the garden and experience the textures of flowers, herbs and leaves. Expertly written and exquisitely photographed by the author, Gathering presents thirty projects using simple materials gleaned from the garden and nature. Experience, on a seasonal basis, the rewarding aspect of bringing the beauty of the garden inside the home. Gathering offers ways to create beautiful gifts from the garden, wreaths, arrangements, baskets, a handmade journal with an accompanying treasure box and elegant decorative pieces for any style home. Formulate beauty products from nourishing plants, soaps, skin freshener, a facial scrub and massage oil. Linda Fry Kenzle shares the bounty of the garden by providing easy-to-make herbal foods, delicious rosemany cookies, Shrimo Seashell Pasta and herb bread with a comforting aroma.

by: Linda Fry-Kenzle