The False Fat Diet

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It's a medical fact: not all weight is really fat. Much of being overweight is caused by allergy-like food reactions. This "false fat" is easy to put on, but it can be hard to take off. Now you can do it--this week--with The False Fat Diet.

All foods have chemical reactions within your body, and some foods just "don't agree with you." These foods cause body swelling and facial puffiness that look like fat. They can also make you feel listless and ill. With the revolutionary False Fat Diet, you cut out these foods and substitute others, following a no-hunger eating strategy. As your false fat melts away, you can lose 5-10 pounds in just a few days--and 10-20 pounds within two or three weeks. Then your metabolism will finally be able to burn true fat--efficiently and steadily--and keep it off.

Acclaimed author of the popular classic Staying Healthy with the Seasons, which has helped people become healthier year-round, Dr. Haas is an international expert on diet and integrative medicine. He has seen his 21-day False Fat Diet work wonders in his own life, and in thousands of his patients' lives, for more than a decade. Now, in this reader-friendly, authoritative book, he makes this breakthrough available to everyone. The False Fat Diet takes you step-by-step through an easy, healthy, practical nutritional program that includes

- Identifying which foods you react to--and replacing them with the right foods for your body chemistry
- The "detox" phase, when you cleanse your system of reactive food substances
- "False Fat Week"--the amazing 7-day period when your swelling and puffiness subside, as you lose ten pounds
- The Balance Program--a personally customized diet that returns your metabolism to normal, taking pounds off steadily as you reach your ideal weight
- Detailed menu plans that give you smart food choices to make over a 21-day interval
- Delicious, easy-to-prepare, reaction-free recipes, created with famous French chef Philippe Boulot, that don't drastically cut calories the way other diets do
- Expert guidance on reducing stress, finding the right exercise program, and learning how to keep feeling better--and looking slimmer--for life

With The False Fat Diet, you will almost immediately look and feel much better, finally free from the common symptoms of food reactions: cravings, irritability, headaches, depression, sinus congestion, heartburn, fatigue, and impaired immunity. You'll have the energy, mental clarity, and good mood you'll need to stay healthy and slim forever. The False Fat Diet is more than a weight-loss program. It's a scientific, healthy, effective, total health regimen that is exciting in its fast results. And because it's individualized, it's the only diet that can work for everyone.

by: Elson Haas M.D.