Think Yourself Trim: A Mind and Body Workout for a Slim, New You

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Take a different approach to staying fit and trim for the rest of your life: try a program that begins inward, with the mind. The key to attaining a stronger, healthier body isn't through dieting alone; because most change occurs at the subconscious level, it's important to use psychological strategies, too, and program the mind to think positively. Exercise is vital, of course, and so these pages present a well-illustrated selection of stretches, strength training, and even dance moves designed to sculpt and tone your muscles. But there's also a focus on understanding the connection between food and emotions; on gaining self-awareness, and on recognizing the underlying causes of weight gain. Questionnaires help pinpoint bad habits, and there's advice on starting and keeping a food diary to gain control of your eating. Invaluable nutritional information will help you make good choices so you'll be healthy without feeling hungry. Every day offers a new chance to tone up and trim down, so get started now.

by: Gloria Thomas