The Tormentress

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by : William E. Chambers  

The world in which he dwelt was devoid of light, absent of sound, filled with pain. Fear and anger vied for emotional supremacy as he thought about the beautiful woman who had promised him a world of ecstasy and delivered inhuman pain instead. The Tormentress watched his sufferings with amusement. Although his agony was far from over, she was already seeking her next victim. Newly married Jessica Ashford seems to have it all: stunning looks; a successful career as a book editor; a handsome husband, Jack Ashford, who is rapidly becoming one of America's most highly renowned male models and a loving mother and father who are devoted to their daughter's happiness. But events take an unwholesome turn when Jessica's image fails to appear in any of her wedding pictures. Jessica finds herself haunted by visions that appear in mirrors and victimized by stalkers suffering under seemingly hypnotic trances. Panic stricken and perplexed, Jessica confides in her uncle, former Green Beret and soldier of fortune, Jimmy Walsh. Although recovering from a stroke, Walsh agrees to use his skills to try and help the newlyweds unravel the mystery of the curse that plagues them.