Defining Digital Architecture: 2001 FEIDAD Award

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by Yu-Tung Liu and Yu Tung Liu
The Far Eastern International Digital Design Award (FEIDAD) was conferred for the first time in 2000, its aim being to encourage and honour innovative design created with the aid of digital media. In January 2001, the jury which comprised Peter Eisenman, William Mitchell (MIT), Gerhard Schmitt (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology), Greg Lynn, and other distinguished architects, awarded the prize for the second time.

This book presents the 100 best projects which architects, students and designers coming from 23 different countries had entered in the competition. Each project is fully documented in text with numerous colour illustrations. Both thought-provoking and imaginative, they challenge traditional architectural concepts and processes, simultaneously attaining a high aesthetic level. This documentation of these projects offers an excellent overview of the very latest developments in digital design, providing valuable insight for all who make use of new media in their work.