KPF: Vision and Process, Europe 1990-2002

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by Kenneth Powell
The practice was formed in 1976 in New York, and rapidly made its mark on international architecture with buildings such as the 333 Wacker Drive in Chicago (1979-1983) and the DG Bank Headquarters in Frankfurt (1986-1993). They went on to become one of the most creative and productive offices worldwide and in particular made a name for themselves in the filed of skyscraper construction. This volume presents some 19 selected buildings and projects under construction. The focus of the book is the work of KPF London who has gained prominence in recent years with a number of imaginative and technically advanced buildings. Amongst the projects included are: Thames Court London, World Trade Centre in Amsterdam, Rothermere American Institute in Oxford, ENDESA Headquarters in Madrid, House of Representatives on Cyprus. All are documented with colour illustrations, technical plans and explanatory texts, which show that KPF’s reputation amongst the best is well-deserved.