Fabio Novembre: Frame Monographs of Contemporary Interior Architects

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nce a stepchild of architecture, interior design has evolved into a mature discipline in recent years. As a prime example of three-dimensional artistic expression, interior architecture is often a decisive factor for success in an age of brand communication, stunning exhibitions and impressive design.

This new series is produced in collaboration with Frame, the international magazine of interior architecture and design, a publication that has built a solid international reputation on the bold presentation of innovative and inspiring interiors. The series focuses on the work of a younger generation of interior architects: designers interested in cross-disciplinary projects and in the creation of exciting, cutting-edge interior design, largely for commercial and temporary spaces.

Each volume presents the complete work of an individual or a team, lavishly illustrated with full-colour photos. Thought-provoking articles by well-known writers and designers complete the picture, along with a comprehensive reference section.

by: Fabio Novembre