The Rotisserie Cookbook

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Long before domestic kitchens contained any kind of oven, meat was roasted on a rotating spit in front of a fire. As the meat turned, the fat dripped into a container below, the outside caramelised to an appetising golden brown and the meat juices within circulated to and fro producing tender, succulent, full-flavoured meat. More recently many butcher's shops and supermarkets installed rotisseries and their customers found that there is nothing more mouth-watering than the sight and aroma of gently turning, glistening and golden chickens which somehow taste so much better than anything produced in their ovens at home. The good news now is that domestic electric rotisseries are now available and sales are rocketing. The advantages of these products is that they are easy to use, roast quickly and, best of all, produce meat which is low in fat yet moist and full of flavour. Everything from a large turkey to fish steaks can be cooked either on the spit or in the rotating food basket, and the accompanying skewers are ideal for kebabs. A steaming tray makes it possible to cook vegetables or rice while the meat is roasting. As these appliances are becoming so popular, this is the ideal time to launch a recipe book specifically tailored to rotisserie cooking. It will aim to show cooks just how versatile the rotisserie is and that, although its main application is for roasting meat, there are many non-meat options possible. The varied range of 85 recipes plus hints and tips on using the rotisserie, and advice on preparing food for the rotisserie, will make this an invaluable book for anyone whether they are about to buy one for the first time or have been using one for a while and simply need new ideas and a bit of inspiration

by : Lesley Mackley