Low-Fat Cooking to Beat the Clock

$7.05 USD

Can low-fat cooking be fast-really fast-and tasty too? You bet! Expanding on the successful formula ofCooking to Beat the Clock, food journalist Sam Gugino is back with Low-Fat Cooking to Beat the Clock. Using clever time-saving (and fat-busting) techniques, Gugino shows busy cooks how to get a healthy dinner fit for a gourmand on the table in 15 minutesincluding the time it takes to chop and prep. Low-Fat Cooking to Beat the Clock drastically cuts the preparation time for meal-sized entrees, while offering creative new ways of thinking about any recipe that will change the way you cook. It's amazing but true: a healthy, great-tasting dinner can be ready in 15 minutes, start to finish!

By: Sam Guigino