Creative Painting: Still Life in Oils

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When painting still life, the artist is truly in control. The selection of objects, their arrangement, the lighting and the background, can be infinitely reassessed and adjusted to create the desired mood and composition. In such a controlled environment, oil paint is the perfect companion to capture one's vision, providing absolute flexibility and the capacity to tackle the huge range of textures and colour modulations the subject dictates. In this, the second title in the Creative Painting series, a wide range of international contemporary artists demonstates the unlimited potential of the subject and the diversity of the medium. Details, sketches and colour analyses are supported by large reproductions whilst further technical information for different levels of expertise is provided in a fully illustrated glossary. The modern design of this series allows the reader to dip in and out of the book extracting just the information that they need without reading the whole narrative.

by : Theodora Philcox