Ultimate Betrayal: Recognizing, Uncovering and Dealing with Infidelity

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Offers tips on what to do when you can no longer pretend your relationship is a bed of roses, with practical tips on making the best of a bad situation. The phone rings, and when you answer it, the person on the other end quickly hangs up. Again. Your mate is working late. Again. And even when the two of you are together, he seems distant, distracted. Is it your imagination or is he seeing someone else? Written by an experienced investigator who has dealt with infidelity in her own life, Ultimate Betrayal is the complete guide to recognising, uncovering and dealing with a cheating boyfriend or mate. The author begins by making you aware of the many signs of infidelity. You'll learn how to evaluate your mate's history, as well as your own, how to note any changes in his routine, and how to increase your awareness of his behaviour. The author then provides detailed guidelines for gathering evidence of your mate's extracurricular activities - without his being aware of your investigation. From phone bills to cash point receipts, from computer records to hair on the headrest, all the evidence is there. And you'll learn proven techniques for finding and recording it. Following this, the author helps you reassess your personal goals, confront your mate with the evidence you have gathered, evaluate your partner's reaction and finally, choose your next step, whether separation or reconciliation. She even includes a handy resource list that offers tools for gathering evidence, as well as support groups that can give you much-needed emotional assistance. Nothing is more heart-wrenching than the suspicion that your partner has betrayed you. If you have decided that it's time to uncover the truth, Ultimate Betrayal will help you with practical advice, invaluable insight and the encouragement you need to take charge of your life.

by : Danine Manette