Simple Marquetry: Techniques, Projects, Inspirations

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Marquetry is the art of the cutting and assembling of veneers - thin sheets of wood from around the world, inexpensive to obtain as thin sheets. The craft allows you to make marvellously intricate patterns and pictures to incorporate into other projects or to use as wall hangings. Understand wood veneer and where it comes from: * how it is taken from the tree * slicing techniques * availability and types * * different thicknesses * defects and damage * holes * splits and tears * * ironing veneer * pressing * drying and storing * bleaching * dyeing * Learn the simple techniques that will enable you to create designs of your own with confidence: * cutting and taping veneer * tools * cutting techniques * fitting * grounds * * glues and bonding * sanding * finishing * oils * varnishes * polishing *

by : Mike Burton