Designs That Stand Up, Speak Out, and Can't Be Ignored: Promotions

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With the endless amount of junk mail, spam, billboards, flyers, telemarketers, and commercials to which consumers are subjected, graphic designers must come up with ingenious ideas to cut through the clutter.

This book includes the A-list of projects that have found a way to grab the attention of their audiences, despite all the stimuli that can get in the way. These promotions overcome the recipientsÆ knee-jerk reaction to toss them in the trash. It isnÆt easy to do. In the past, giving something away for free was the ticket to success, however this approach is no longer effective because everyone knows that if itÆs free, itÆs usually junk.

Those with the magic formula engage recipients by attacking their senses through humor, tactile effects, unexpected surprises, interactive measures, and lush or inviting materials or images, but they still need a clever concept to really drive the whole experience. ItÆs a difficult challenge, and this book features wonderful examples of work that accomplishes just that.

Author: Lisa Hickey