Modern Wallpaper and Wallcoverings

$14.10 USD

Looking to update and breathe life into your home's walls? After years of blank white walls a trend for color, texture, and pattern is back. Today, wallpaper is sophisticated and easier than ever to apply. With a brilliant combination of lively, inspirational, and informative text and beautiful, inspiring photographs, Wallpaper & Wall-coverings illustrates the versatility and potential of modern wall-coverings, with an emphasis on contemporary papers, fabrics, and paint effects. Wallpapers, including animal-hide prints, customized sequined designs, and hand-printed banners, are shown in numerous innovative hanging styles. Packed full of creative ideas for every room in the home, with tips and techniques for contemporary applications, as well as such unusual materials as metallic paper, corduroy, and leather, Wallpaper & Wallcoverings is a thoroughly modern spin on wall decorating techniques.

by: Alice Whately