Caring for the Parkinson Patient: A Practical Guide

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New treatments and advances in therapy for the ravages of Parkinson's disease are constantly being researched and perfected for patients, yet those afflicted still must endure tremors, poor balance, speech problems, and lessened psychological well-being. Patients and families need the most up-to-date information available to improve quality of care and life. This new, second edition of Caring for the Parkinson Patient covers a variety of topics, providing information and helpful suggestions for patients, families, and caregivers to aid them as they grapple with this chronic, debilitating neurological disorder. Sixteen accessible and information-packed essays by noted contributors address diagnosis and treatment, new research, communication, physical/ occupational therapy, nursing care, problems faced by the caregiver, emotional changes, neurorehab , prevention of falls, sleep problems, surgery, community supports, the family, sexuality, and safe home environments. With a wealth of information, practical advice, and encouragement, this is an indispensable resource guide for all those touched by Parkinson's disease.

Edited by Hutton, J. Thomas
Edited by Dippel, Raye Lynne