The Cancer Survivor's Guide: The Essential Handbook to Life After Cancer

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The Cancer Survivor's Guide is the first book to offer a proven step-by-step healthcare program for life after cancer. Dr. Feuerstein knows firsthand what life after cancer truly means and his 7-step self-management system is a result of personal experience as well as extensive research, resulting in a program that's rooted in very pragmatic sensibility coupled with a sense of realistic optimism. As medical understanding of cancer improves, more people are surviving this frightening disease; yet survivors face many challenges long after their treatments have ended. They must strike a delicate balance between maintaining a positive attitude and being realistic about their health. This revolutionary program drastically improves the length and quality of life for cancer survivors, helping them to manage the variety of physical, emotional, and spiritual issues they face. Cancer survivors can learn how to evaluate their condition, assess their relationships with healthcare providers, research their illness and treatment options, handle finances, seek alternative therapies when necessary, improve overall health habits, tend to their emotional well-being, and continue to monitor the long-term success of their survivorship program. This book offers hope--and a game plan--for cancer patients and their loved ones as they look forward to the life ahead.

By Feuerstein, Michael
By Findley, Patricia