A Guide to the I Ching

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A Guide to the I Ching, first published in 1980, was a guide to the Wilhelm/Baynes classic translation of the I Ching. It has now become a classic in its own right. This first psychological interpretation of the I Ching has been recognized until now by teachers and longtime students of the Wilhelm/Baynes translation, as indispensable to its understanding and use. Developed from notes taken over many years, the Guide mirrors the readers true inner feelings, helping him to bring his life and fate into harmony with the Tao the way of the Universe. The book has been translated into German, Spanish, Portuguese, and Croatian, and has sold more than 150,000 copies worldwide. It has been among the top ten best-selling books on the I Ching on amazon.com since the Amazon website was established.Readers have asked how this book differs from the book, I Ching, The Oracle of the Cosmic Way, co-authored by Carol K. Anthony and Hanna Moog and published in 2002. After discovering a new method of consulting the I Ching and understanding its answers from the Sages viewpoint, the authors began to experience that the Sage that speaks through the I Ching wanted to correct a number of concepts that were written into the ancient text over the millenia, as well as to correct assumptions written into it by its translators. The cascading number of insights brought them to ask the Sage, Are we to write these insights into a new version of the I Ching? The answer came as an unqualified Yes. While A Guide to the I Ching has many gifts and insights, and is a simpler introduction into the I Ching, the later book, I Ching, The Oracle of the Cosmic Way, clarifies the Cosmic Way that leads to success.

by: Carol K. Anthony