Your Career in Nursing: Manage Your Future in the Changing World of Healthcare

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Take Charge of Your Nursing Career!

"What's the ideal nursing job for me, and how can I get it?"

"How can I feel more in control of my professional destiny?"

"How will the nursing shortage affect me?"

"What impact will the sweeping changes of managed

healthcare have on my future?"

These are the questions being asked by today's nurses as their jobs -- and their lives -- are permanently transformed by the turmoil of change. Drawing on the advice and strategies she developed as an educator and career counselor for nurses, Annette Vallano offers a new way of envisioning your career as an entrepreneurial enterprise. By following Vallano's plan for creating and marketing your own nursing "product," career mobility will be yours.

Your Career in Nursing will help you de?ne the product you offer, develop a marketing plan, research the needs of the nursing marketplace, and target your approach as today's healthcare landscape inevitably changes. Special chapters for men in nursing, the newly graduated nurse, the older nurse, and second career nurses are included, along with strategies all nurses can use to manage stress and feel empowered. Your Career in Nursing is required reading for the 21st century nurse who wants to be on the winning side in the ongoing healthcare revolution.

by: Annette Vallano