My Ear Hurts: A Complete Guide to Understanding and Treating Your Child's Ear Infections

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by : Ellen Friedman 

Everything You Need to Know to Treat Your Child's Ear InfectionEvery parent who has heard the plaintive cry My ear hurts! knows that ear infections are among the most troubling childhood ailments. In fact, by the time they turn three years old, 75 percent of children have had at least one ear infection, and nearly 50 percent of these children have suffered more than three ear infections. My Ear Hurts! offers clear explanations of the causes of ear infections and up-to-the-minute discussions of traditional medications, including the overuse of antibiotics surgical treatments, from insertion of ear tubes to new laser techniques alternative treatment options, such as herbal and homeopathic remedies and chiropractic treatmentAlso included are tips on how to spot common allergies or irritants that couse or exacerbate infections advice on how to talk to your child about the infection and its treatment guidelines on what to do when your child is under somenone else's supervision recommendations for when surgery is -- and is not -- necessary and how to communicate with your child's doctorWith information that is both accessible and authoritative, My Ear Hurts! provides much-needed help and proven solutions to concerned parents and caregivers