Sacraments and Shamans: A Priest Journeys Among Native Peoples

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Hey, friend, come and get to know us... These are the welcoming words of invitation heard so often byFr. Scott as he has traveled the world to meet Native peoples...firstas a youth-on-a-quest, and later as a Catholic priest.Sacraments and Shamans chronicles Fr. Scott's attraction toNative ways as a young boy, his participation in Native Americanceremonies, and his eagerness to learn more about the spiritualpractices and teachings of peoples in the northern and southernhemispheres-a sacred life journey that has allowed him to travelamong women, men, and children of just about every humanculture.As a priest and spiritual leader, with its plethora of dailysacred activities, Fr Scott has observed many local churches andceremonies, as well as native syncretistic traditions, takingtime to consider their origin and effectiveness for the People.As a continuing inquirer into all things spiritual, and a people-connector -he brings together persons of different backgrounds, cultures, or experiences to share the richness of human contact found among the many cultures andsubcultures of our world. Little by little, one friendship at a time, the whole world benefits by our connecting to each other.

by : Scott McCarthy