Lessons in French

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by: Hilary Reyl

A delicious coming-of-age tale set in the most romantic city on earth.On the cusp of the nineties just as the Berlin Wall is falling. Kate is about to pursue her dream and become an artist. But she's just graduated from Yale and when an intriguing job offer comes her way. to work as the assistant to Lydia Schell. a famous American photographer in Paris. she cannot say no. She will get to live in Paris again! And Kate has not been back to France since she was a lonely nine-year-old girl. sent to the outskirts of Paris to live with cousins ??while her father was dying.Kate may speak fluent French. but she arrives at the Schell household in the fashionable Sixth Arrondissement both dazzled and wildly impressionable. She is immediately engrossed in the creative fever of the city and surrounded by a seductive cast of ch...