Ascension: Clubs, Drugs and the eternal high

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by : Cameron Dante

Cameron Dante offers the real story of what goes on in clubs, from the era of Acid House to the Ibiza boom and beyond. He has led a chequered life. He has been a gang member, a champion breakdancer, homeless, a top DJ and a rapper with songs in the Top Ten. As the pressures of fame grew, Cameron took to drugs as a means of coping. A resident in Ibiza, he saw it all, from the wild parties to prisons and gun fights. As the drugs on the scene got harder, he started to see deaths among his friends. His life of success and excess led to a crisis point in which he finally asked himself where his life was going: would he end up dead on the street after a cocaine fix, or was there something more? Cameron Dante's story takes us through an unforgettable era exploring clubs, drugs and the eternal high.