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See this image The Cleveland Steamer: Viz Annual 2012.

See this image The Cleveland Steamer: Viz Annual 2012.

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Imagine a book that combines the high octane intrigue of a John Grisham thriller, the surefire multi-million-seller status of the latest Dan Brown blockbuster, and the page-turning unputdownability of a Stieg Larsson murder mystery. Add to this already explosive mix a hero who fuses the action-packed sex appeal of James Bond, the flawed criminological genius of Inspector Rebus and the whimsical charm of Aleksandr the Gocompare Meerkat. Further imagine that this book has an introduction penned by dreamboat TV boffin Professor Brian Cox, a preface by buxom domestic goddess Nigella Lawson, and a dedication courtesy of headline-hogging Twitter twillionaire Charlie Sheen. Now imagine a space on the bookshop shelf next to it. And that's where you'll find this year's Viz annual - The Cleveland Steamer, a compilation of the best bits from issues 182-191 of Britain's funniest (and foul-mouthedest) magazine. Viz - The Cleveland Steamer is a bumper 160-page hardback full of hilarious cartoons, letters, top tips, articles, photo-stories and spoof ads, with a nice, colourful cover stuck on the front. REMEMBER NEW BOOKS MAKE GREAT AND AFFORDABLE GIFTS! WE ARE A SMALL FAMILY RUN BUSINESS WITH A LOVE FOR BOOKS AND CATS! (BENTLEY, OUR CAT, HELPS TOO, USUALLY SLEEPING BESIDE ME WHILE I WORK) OUR AIM IS TO PROVIDE YOU WITH LOVELY BOOKS AND THE BEST POSSIBLE SERVICE.

by: Viz 

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