Justin Bieber: The Unauthorized Biography

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Fresh-faced, charismatic, and impossibly cute, Justin Bieber is a multi-talented young idol who has taken the music world by storm. The first full-scale biography of the singer tells his sensational story, providing fans with insights into his day-to-day world and the chance to see what really makes him tick. At just 16 years old, he has already achieved global recognition and number one hits worldwide with his debut single and album. Born in 1994, Justin grew up in the small city of Stratford in Canada, where his love of singing was apparent from an early age and he was an avid member of the local church choir. When his mom started posting videos on YouTube of her 13-year-old son singing cover versions, hits on the site started building almost immediately and it wasn't long before he had fans—of all ages, all over the world. In 2008, when music-industry professional Scooter Braun became his manager, this young star was firmly on the path to stardom. His debut single One Time was released in 2009 and went into the top 30 in 10 countries around the world, and his album My World 2.0 caused instant excitement. Bieber's gorgeous looks, incredible voice, and sweet personality are driving "Biebettes" everywhere wild, and his inspirational story is a must-have for his legions of fans the world over.

by: Chas Newkey-Burden