Answering Your Questions about AIDS

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This collection of 350 commonly-asked questions about HIV infection and AIDS should interest both professionals and the general reader. The questions represent a sample of queries received by two urban AIDS hotlines, including: what is the difference between HIV and AIDS?; is HIV similar to the virus that causes herpes?; are people with certain blood types more susceptible to HIV infection than others?; how long does HIV remain active outside the body?; are acute HIV symptoms the same as for mononucleosis?; what is a normal T-helper cell count?; is one type of oral sex riskier for HIV than another?; can a person get AIDS from deep kissing?; why are women at such a high risk for HIV?; when is a couple considered monogamous?; aren't all babies born to women with HIV also HIV-positive?; what happens during HIV testing?; is there legal assistance available for people with AIDS?; and how safe do condoms make sex? For these and many other questions, the author offers brief answers that are based on the current knowledge from psychological and medical research. This information is accompanied by several appendices (a glossary of terms and selected medications, a directory of local and national resources for HIV and AIDS, and a listing of state and national hotlines).

by : Seth C. Kalichman