The Cleveland Clinic Guide to Diabetes

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Expert medical advice from one of the nation's best treatment providers of diabetes and related conditions Diabetes is an epidemic among children and adults in the United States. More than 21 million people have diabetes and more than 54 million have prediabetes. Many millions more are at risk. In The Cleveland Clinic Guide to Diabetes, Dr. S. Sethu Reddy, one of the world's foremost experts on diabetes, provides hope to millions by sharing the latest scientific studies and progress in fighting diabetes. This important resource gives readers the cutting-edge medical guidance Dr. Reddy offers his patients, including: - Critical, potentially life-saving information readers need to fight this disease - Information about the different types and causes of diabetes - The latest information on risk factors, treatment options, and why the choices people make can significantly impact their ultimate prognosis - Personal stories of those who have triumphed over diabetes - Plus, advice on how to make the necessary lifestyle choices to live an active and healthy life Cleveland Clinic is top-ranked for its endocrinology specialty, and is on the cutting-edge of diabetes research.

By: Reddy, Sethu