100 Plus: Preparing for the Coming Age of Longevity

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n the United States, life expectancy at the turn of the twentieth century was about forty-five years; now it's seventy-eight. By 2100, we should expect to be living well past ten decades. Scientific advances have brought us to the threshold of another longevity revolution. But are we ready for it? In 100 Plus, policy analyst Sonia Arrison argues that the coming revolution will completely change the way we live, work, and play--for the better. We'll have longer careers, more life stages, and greater wealth. Our ingenuity will ensure better nutrition, sanitation, and medical technologies, which means that more of us will become centenarians, perhaps even beyond. But, right now, we're hardly prepared for our current longevity. This book is a road map for how we can reshape our lives, our politics, and our society to best grasp the opportunities of the future.

by : Sonia Arrison,