Beyond the Castle Doors: A Soul Quest for the Holy Grail

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A unique blend of philosophy and creative prose, this account tells the allegorical dream tale of a contemporary woman who becomes paralysed for no apparent medical reason. In despair, she surrenders to the High Power within and meets guides who take her on a journey back in time. Travelling to a mediaeval castle - and through each of the seven chakras - she ultimately finds her way back to the true essence of herself. Beyond the Castle Doors takes the archetypes of ancient mythology and places them in modern day characters that readers can relate to through experiential reading, leaving the reader changed, strengthened and inspired. This is a magical combination of fiction (Part I: Eva's Story) and non-fiction (Part II: Reference Section), it combines all the feminine archetypes, drawing from a plethora of resources (The Bible, mythology, feminine icons, modern archetypal characters, etc.) and ultimately joins the sacred feminine with sacred masculine within.

by : Maria Morris O\Brien