The Perfume Zodiac

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As a companion volume to the "Book of Perfumes", "Perfume Zodiac" anchors the author's knowledge of perfumes in the realm of the stars. Most women read their stars - this shows how you can harness that knowledge to the choice of perfume you wear. Many women only every wear one perfume - but they could experiment more. John Oakes here empowers women to make the choice of perfume based on her astrological sign - and if there is a male partner in mind, based on his sign too. Oakes gives exact profiles of all the astrological signs together with a detailed analysis of each of the perfumes he judges fit the character of the sign. Thus if you are born under the sign of Cancer - then you should be wearing Amarige or Romeo Gigli, because your austere style needs softening with the warmth and persuasiveness of these particular scents - but Oakes goes into a lot more detail, and justifies his selections in many ways.

by: John Oakes