The Vodka Cookbook

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Vodka is the worlds most popular spirit as 12 million Americans can testify. In The Vodka Cookbook John Rose takes vodka out of the martini glass and into the kitchen with over 100 recipes.There's something just a little bit naughty about cooking with vodka. You tell someone there's vodka in their dinner or dessert and their eyes widen their lips curl into a smile. An ordinary meal becomes an extraordinary event. But did you know that vodka does wonderful things to food - in marinades, it tenderises meat, it is great for de-glazing pans and adding flavor, while in cream sauces it lowers the boiling point and so helps to prevent curdling and all while delivering a unique, delectable taste.Inspired by his love for cooking, his years working in Moscow, and the best vodkas in the world not necessarily in that order, John Rose has assembled over 100 uniquely invigorating recipes, from Chilli con Vodka to Glazed Confused Chicken, Kremlin Pasta to Vodka Crepes. There's something for everyone in The Vodka Cookbook. Of course, the book wouldn't be complete without some cool cocktail concoctions like the Molotov Cocktail and Vodka Sangria.

by :John Rose,