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How long you live can be influenced by what you eat, what you drink, the exercise you take, and the everyday lifestyle choices you make. Bad lifestyle choices -- a poor diet, excessive alcohol and a couch-potato outlook -- can knock years off your life expectancy. You don't feel a thing ! Yet. But don't let your calendar age or your visual age fool you. It's how old you are on the inside that counts. Whether you're a thirty-something who wants feel full of energy again, or a sixty-year-old who'd like to be able to keep up with the grandchildren, you too can turn back your body clock and add years to your life expectancy. That's the simple idea for a brilliant new Channel 4 series and tie-in book. It's fronted by Dr Una Coales, whose 'treat 'em mean' attitude guarantees that theshow will be guaranteed watercooler TV, with Dr Una set to challenge Gillian McKeith as our lifestyle guru of choice. The TVshow - 8.30 Tuesdays - takes a punter per week and puts them through their lifestyle paces. The bad news is they're all delivered a death age far younger than they would like.But the good news is that Dr Una and her team can do something about that by getting them to follow a simple 8-week diet and exercise regime. The accompanying book provides all the information you need to do the same. Throw out those bad habits, pick up some good ones and add years to your life. Including achievable exercise and nutrition regimes, and quizzes to help you pinpoint your medical hotspots, this is the book that shows you how to live longer.