Temporary Tattoo Directory

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Do you love fun and new body art designs, but don't want a lifetime tattoo commitment? There's an easier way to get the new look you've seen on TV and in the movies. Now you can feel cool, look great or be tough with any design you want. The Temporary Tattoo Directory for Guys has all the transfers you need to wear a different design every day of the week. The Temporary Tattoo Directory for Guys includes 100 high quality, long-lasting transfers in the ten most popular styles. Whether you want a tribal design, gothic tattoo or something fun for the beach, there are so many to choose from. You'll love the explanations of each tattoo, giving you the symbolism and meaning behind every design. Complete with flash drawings and colour photography, this book is your one-stop-shop for needle-free body art. About the author Russ Thorne is a versatile journalist and editor with seven years' experience, specialising in crafting lively, engaging copy on a huge range of subjects. He has edited nationally distributed titles for young people as well as B2B an motor sport titles, and has written freelance features for a range of publications, including The Independent.

by : russ thorne