Cutting Confidential

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Be honest, asked to change your hairdresser or doctor, which would you choose? Exactly. Hairdressers have become an extension of our social circle; we talk to them for hours, we tell them things we wouldn't tell our closest friends and when they ask, 'trust me' we invariably do. In this expose on the hairdressing industry we accompany the famous Shaun Lockes on his travels around London. From an early blowdry at the palace to the 'bread and butter' appointments throughout the day, the man behind the chair is revealed: the humble beginnings in his mum's hairdressers, how he achieved his dream of a star-studded salon and client list, and how he makes women look and feel their most beautiful every day. It's been an incredible journey for Shaun. Rising from a bullied apprentice to household name hasn't been easy. Dashing from a TV make-over show to a glamorous fashion launch, Shaun's work is photographed, papped and featured on the front of magazines across the world. There are drugs, there are egos, and there are flirtations. But more than anything, there's a lot of plain talking, razor-sharp humour and more hairspray than an up-do in a gale. Shaun's appointment book is always full and the reader is invited along to enjoy, to laugh and to learn hair secrets that only the best can know.

by : Shaun Lockes