The Prophecies of Karma : The Warning

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In a futuristic world where robots are the helpmeets of humans, eight-year-old, genetically-modified “diplomat” Jamal Nader loses his father in a car accident.

When his mother is sent to prison, the boy is placed under the charge of his grandmother. But Jamal has other plans. He has his uncle thrown behind bars for molestation, and then manipulates a priest named Father Fadi to pull all strings to adopt him.

When environmentalist fanatics shake the world with global riots, Jamal and Father Fadi seek refuge. Unfortunately, Jamal’s uncle has just been freed from prison, and the riots provide perfect camouflage for revenge.

Jamal escapes his uncle, but collapses from exhaustion.

He does not wake for eight years.

When he again opens leady, drugged eyes, Jamal realizes that nothing was as it seemed. Only one thing is certain: Jamal’s life is on auction, and the closing bid is his twenty-first birthday.

by : Nael Gharzeddine